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6 reasons for any UK school to plan a specialist student trip to Europe

Providing students with the best options and opportunities to enhance their education is the aim of any ambitious school. Improved facilities and extra curriculum activities with professionals being brought in to offer their expertise may be provided.

However, there is another way, that not only proves highly popular with those preparing for young adulthood with thoughts of a career path and further education. Specialist student trips to Europe geared towards anyone looking to become managers or carry out leadership roles will offer huge benefits for the following 6 reasons.

  1. It’s a simple task for the school to arrange when speaking to a specialist company with over 30 years of experience whose every trip is climate positive and carbon negative, meaning that they also care about the environment as well as the students. All that is required is a positive open-minded attitude and to pack some luggage.
  2. Expeditions range from 7 to 27 days and will provide an incredible experience that will live with the students forever as they learn invaluable life skills which will be produced in later years when finding themselves in any leadership roles while being supervised by both teachers from school and company staff who have a wealth of experience.
  3. Trips to Europe as well as Croatia, cover Iceland and Norway, both of which are demanding destinations perfect for the low-level trekking and decision making that will be taught and encouraged. It’s one thing making a call when in relaxed surroundings, but another altogether when on a walk if an important decision is required. Time is given on each occasion so that it encourages communication and thought, which teaches great skills for later life.
  4. What better way to build a spirit and learn how to interact to achieve the right results than being surrounded by adrenaline activities such as paddle sports. Camping can provide a challenge all its own, especially when learning to budget shopping for a group so that everyone is provided for.
  5. The chance to share the beautiful open air next to nature such reindeer is guaranteed to inspire, as is the interaction with local communities and learning how they exist daily, which learning about a different culture. It might be bubbling mud pools and steaming volcanoes in a land that will be a great test of teamwork and creating and teaching empathy and understanding of others.
  6. Perhaps the warmer weather offered by the Adriatic, where bears, deer, and golden eagles can be found is a better option. Beaches provide a dramatic backdrop to the leadership learning adventure, while ancient architecture and scintillating seafood await. Mountains and exploring caves while rafting on a river will soon build an appetite outside the usual comfort zone like back home.

A school trip that teaches the art of leadership and fully engages with its students will be of huge benefit to all those who travel. New people and life skills will be learned as well as appreciating the importance of the environment.

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