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Shanesha Scott Tells It All in Her New Book “WHEN I GOT SICK”

Shanesha Scott is a certified professional health coach and author of the book ‘WHEN I GOT SICK’. She is willing to offer her expertise to lot of people, in order to help them channel their unique strengths into improving their lives. She says, “”Imagine losing the ability to do everyday things like comb your hair, climb stairs, swallow your food, and even walk without the assistance of a walking cane! This life altering experience happened to Shanesha Scott when she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Polymyositis. Come learn about this tragedy that she is turning it into a triumph!”

Polymyositis is a systemic, inflammatory muscle disease, primarily characterized by muscle weakness. It is part of a disease category referred to as myositis, which means inflammation of muscle. Polymyositis typically affects muscles that are closest to the body’s trunk, but over time other muscles may become involved. Typically, polymyositis develops gradually, and while it can develop in anyone, including children, it does not usually affect people under 18 years of age. Most commonly, it affects people between 40 and 60 years old.

As a Life Coach, she can start with identifying the area or areas of your life that need work, and then assign appropriate strategies and tactics to reach the desired outcome for that area. Life coaches typically give advice, hold you accountable and use all sorts of clever methods and tactics to help you solve your problem and achieve your goal.

From being a Makeup Artist to evolving into a Life Coach, Shanesha has always wanted to help others. She enjoys helping clients to develop emotional intelligence and coping with stress. Life can be tough but having someone who can point you towards the right direction can be blissful.

Shanesha truly understands this because she has been a victim of polymyositis. She understands what it means to be at low points in life and push through to make it out for yourself. She has been able to turn her tragedy into triumph and she bares all that experience in her book titled WHEN I GOT SICK. She also understands that she has a purpose and she is on the right track to attain that. She wishes the same goodness and purposefulness with every client she works with.

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