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The Importance of a BA Degree: The Stepping Stone to Success

There are close to 8 billion people on our blue planet and most of them need to work; the annual race for new jobs has become a very competitive, with a lot more candidates than positions, which is great for employers but not so good for those looking for work. If you are aiming high, then a Bachelor Degree is the first real academic step and this 3–4-year program ends with you graduating, ready to face the job market.

Diverse Range of Topics

A bachelor of arts degree covers a wide range of sectors and you should have no trouble finding a BA course that suits your career choice. Check out, a respected Thai college that offers international BA degrees in conjunction with the British Board of Education. The 3-year program consists on 2 years studying at the Thai campus, with the final year in the UK at a prestigious UK university, which boosts your English language skills.

The Benefits of an International BA Degree

When you graduate with an internationally recognised BA degree, this boosts your credibility in the eyes of a potential employer, as it guarantees the level of English, which is a required skill these days. As you would expect, living and studying in the United Kingdom does wonders for a student’s English language skills, not to mention the self-confidence that comes with attending a top UK university. The style of learning in the UK is much different to the Thai system and students work together in groups to solve real life problems, replicating the work environment, helping the students to make the adjustments.

Springboard to Further Qualifications

As you would expect, the BA degree is only the first step on the academic qualification ladder and after a couple of years at work, you should sign up for a business MBA (Master of Business Administration), which is a stepping stone into management. Obtaining an MBA from a prestigious international university looks very good on your resume and when applying for management positions, this will put you at the top of the tree, so to speak.

Online Learning

This is even more important during these troubled times and you can study your BA with a distance learning program, which means you don’t even have to leave your home. You would have an online mentor who keeps daily contact with you, offering support when needed and all work assignments are sent by email. You would have access to many online lectures, plus access to all their academic resources.

The BA degree is an essential step to success and if you are ready to enroll, take the first step to a rewarding career.

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